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We can’t say this often enough: there are more than 130,000,000 items on Amazon, and growing. More than 40% are books. Our goal is to help connect readers and authors to all the purchase sites, their review sites, Amazon and other seller sites on the web. AmazonList.net is a global site devoted to helping Amazon authors exhibit and promote their Amazon  titles. To do this, we prominently display book images that are linked to the author’s desired online sites/pages. Did You Know?

Amazon owns AmazonList.com but WE own AmazonList.net. We are all authors’ gateway to the “Amazon Jungle,” presenting your book(s) in an attractive, image-linked gallery here.

Listing your book (s) on AmazonList.net is simple.

  1. BROWSE our site and see how books are displayed and linked.
  2. CHOOSE our simple and modest plan.
  3. There is no need to upload any image, unless you are ordering a 3D image for your book(s)
  4. Simply send us (use contact form on this site) the URL for your author page and we will do the rest.
  5. That’s It!

CONTACT: Use our contact page for messages to our team
Our Contact Number (for urgencies: 626-657-0377)
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