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Because we are authors who understand the difficulty we all face in writing, editing, and promoting our diligent efforts, we have spared no expense to offer our help in those efforts. Led by Gene Cartwright (, former Oprah guest author and past Pulitzer -nominee (A Family Gathering) we offer the following, via our we presence :

All of the above are now been combined for those who choose to showcase their book(s) on our site .


  1. Browse our Main Page
  2. Examine books in the gallery to see how we link them to Amazon’s buy page.
    Authors may also choose to link to his or her website or Amazon “buy page.”
  3. Go To our “Showcase My Book” page and choose an ALN membership
    Choose the ALN Annual and get all features as described on the page.
  4. Our Network is included in the ALN Annual package

Once ALN Membership plan is selected,
proceed to select and complete registration.

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You may then signup on and begin to take full advantage of this bold, new authors’ network.