A day at the office

Our typical day at the office is anything but typical. With every step we take we ask: what more can we do to provide even more advantages to the who face tremendous odds and obstacles in promoting their books and increasing sales. Keep in mind the fact that of the 130,00,000+ million items on Amazon more than 42% are books. So how does one stand out?

We at AmazonList aim to provide at least one answer: create visibility that sets you apart from the crowd. Have you ever done a search for your titles? Do so, and often. It also vital to establish a coordinated strategy that incorporates efforts on your personal sites, social networks and any other advertising/promotion you utilize. 

Book promotion is a daily effort, despite your devoting time to read and write. Often, your book promotion efforts may be accomplished within an hour or less, and can be done at any time during the day. Whatever time you set aside for book promotion, just do it. However, it is vital that you do not employ a helter-skelter approach. Research, study, review and exam those efforts that have been proven successful by those who know. 

Finally, one cannot go wrong, and will be assure of going right, if one reads and study the amazing books by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Her “Frugal Book” series (Promotion, editing and more) should be a well-worn volumes that occupy a central part of your success materials.

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